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Diane Pencak, Chairman                                   John Watters, Co-chairman

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Your membership is a very important part of our organization. Each member plays an important role in the VFW and VFW Auxiliary just by being a member. Whether it’s honoring a veteran in your family whose eligibility you joined under or just because you want to try and do your part in thanking our service men and women for walking the walk and fighting the fight.

It’s been said over and over, “All you have to do is ask, are you eligible to join?”, Ask your neighbor, co-worker, friends, church members, Soccer Moms and Dads, PTA members, open up the conversation to tell them all of the amazing things we do not only for our veterans but our community and local schools through our programs. As an organization growing our’ membership is our strongest asset for our veterans or today, tomorrow and especially yesterday.

Let’s work together this “Believe«Belong«Because” year in growing our membership and reaching 100% plus in membership. We all believe that any goal is achievable if we all work together. Believe in yourself that you can recruit or ask someone to join. We know that there are many men and women who want to belong once you explain what we do for Veterans, youth and our community. Individuals will join because they have heard and seen what the VFW Auxiliary does for Veterans and want to be a part of the team.  Let’s step up to the plate. This is the year!

I am excited to be working with one of our organization’s newest members, John Watters. John’s one of 150 new male members in the VFW Auxiliary #4226 in Olney, Illinois. Our membership is open to male spouse of service women, your sons, grandsons, fathers, brothers are now eligible to join our great organization.

What better way to honor those who have served, than by joining an organization that provides unwavering support for uncommon heroes! Ask someone today!




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